Self-talk is influenced by your sub-conscious and is your internal dialogue. It is basically that little voice in your head that “verbalises” your thoughts throughout the day. These internal conversations can be damaging or beneficial. Depending on your character self-talk can be with positive or negative.  
Over recent years studies have been conducted and have shown that that positive self-talk allows better stress management, increased motivation and confidence and increased levels of productivity, leading to a better quality of life all around. 
Positive self-talk comes naturally to some, but for others it requires practise.  
How it works 
Listen to yourself 
Start by listening to your inner dialogue and identify the negative dialogue. Do you always focus on the negatives of a situation? Is everything black and white? For example, it’s either good or bad there is no in between. Do you blame yourself for everything bad that happens rather than trying to rationalise it? 
Create a list of all the negative thoughts and counteract them with positive TRUTHS. This may be difficult at first but for every negative thought you are having there is a positive truth that goes with it. For example: 
Negative: there is no way I can do this presentation. 
Positive: I am good at my job and have been successful in getting this far. I can do this. 
Check in with yourself 
Check in with your feelings. Ask yourself if your thoughts are becoming more negative and try to understand what the triggers are and how you can overcome them. 
Distance yourself from negative people. Being around people that are constantly negative will bring you down as well. If you can’t completely cut these people out of your life then try to reduce the amount of time you spend with them. 
Don’t strive for perfection 
Nobody is perfect and you are setting yourself up for a fall if you expect this of yourself. Set attainable targets which will allow you to feel positive. 
Be thankful 
Identify things in life that you can be thankful for. Whether large or small, this will help you focus on the positive things in your life and allow you to train your inner dialogue to be more positive. 
Don’t be afraid of failure and revel in your success 
Many successes have come through initial failure. Being afraid to fail will only hold you back resulting in you not trying at all and never knowing what you could have achieved. 
If you fail at something, take it as a lesson learned rather than a reason not to try again or to punish yourself for. 
Always have faith that you will succeed. When embarking on something, your inner dialogue should tell you that you have the ability to do whatever you set your mind to. This will give you the confidence to go and give it your best shot whether it’s doing more reps at the gym or going for that promotion at work. 
Finally, when you do succeed shout it from the rooftops and celebrate!! 
Let the positive you, shine! 
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