Women have been ostracised, silenced and made to feel unworthy and dirty because of this natural life cycle. Our Period. 
Not allowed to wash. 
Not allow to cook. 
Not allowed to pray. 
Not allowed to speak to men. 
Ousted from the home. 
These are just some of the myths and taboos around periods that are practised and advocated around the world. 
Even here in the UK, many of us don’t feel comfortable talking about our periods openly. We hide our pads in our pockets or up our sleeve when we are in public and need to use the loo. We give periods names like time of the month, aunt flo or the blob. 
From a young age, regardless of race, colour or creed we have been indoctrinated into believeing that we are not allowed to talk about periods and that they are a dirty secret. 
Well, it’s time to make a bloody difference! 
Next time you have your period why don’t you challenge yourself to break the taboo: 
Don’t hide your pad/tampon when you go to the loo. 
Speak to a friend or colleague, father, brother, son (anyone you wouldn’t normally broach the subject with) about your period or just periods in general. You will be surprised how liberating it is! 
If you take on the challenge, it would be great to hear about your experiences. 
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