Why we are here… 
I have always felt frustrated about the fact there are people in the world that are not “equal” to the rest of us because of their circumstances, be it the culture they are born into, the colour of their skin, their upbringing, their addiction, because someone has made them feel that way or their state of mind. 
Through personal experience, work and travel, I have witnessed first-hand the distress of not having access to sanitation and hygiene products. However, this is normal for women and girls around the world. I always came away questioning, why it should be their normal? Why are we ok with being resigned to that fact that ”it just is that way for some people?” Is it because it’s not happening to us? 
I have never been ok with that and I can’t be ok with that. So, I decided it was time to make a bloody difference and created Etica. 
As I progressed with the idea, it dawned on me that there was more that could be done from both environmental and health perspectives as well. 
I looked further into the health issues that are connected to conventional period products and realised that there needed to be an alternative option. 
We are aware of the impact that plastic is having on our planet, yet this is all centred around plastic containers and food packaging. What about the amount of plastic in period products and their contribution to the waning state of our planet? 
As a mum, what we are doing to our planet and what this means for our children and their children is a heavy burden for me. This in conjunction with the need for a healthier answer to conventional period products brought about our three-pronged approach. 
Our products are made from certified organic cotton and natural materials which don’t compromise the effectiveness of the protection they give you during your period. 
They are free of dioxides and allergens, free of chlorine and pesticides and free of perfumes and plastics. All this, whilst being biodegradable and compostable. 
We donate a perentage of our profits to Actionaid UK and the Marine Conservation Society to help eradicate the issues around periods and period products. We also give away Etica pads to charties helping to eradicate period poverty in the UK. 
We can’t save the world overnight, but little by little we can make it better. I hope you choose to come on that journey with us. 
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certified organic period pads
biodegradable period pads
Free UK delivery for two Items of more. 
chlorine free period pads
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