ActionAid is an international charity that works with women and girls living in poverty. Its dedicated local staff are helping end violence against women and girls and changing lives, for good. 
Central to ActionAid's work is fighting period poverty. Periods are a part of nearly every girl's life. But without access to toilets or sanitary products at school, girls' lives are put on hold during their period, as they have little choice but to stay at home. This has a huge impact on girls' education. 
ActionAid works with communities to improve access to toilets, showers, sanitary products and education for girls about periods and sex, so girls can go to school and get the skills they need to break out of poverty and take control of their own lives. 
At the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) our vision is for seas full of life – seas and coasts where nature flourishes and people thrive. 
We act because everyone relies on the ocean to survive, from the air we breathe to the food we eat. By helping people to discover, value and enjoy being connected to our seas, we can all make better decisions today, which will ensure seas full of life for future generations. 
Without our supporters we wouldn’t be able to continue the work we do. It’s fantastic to have the opportunity to work with Etica World and not only raise vital funds for our work but spread the word about how they as a company are really pushing the boundaries to reduce single use plastic. 


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